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Our Story

Forester Dental has a legacy which goes back 32 years. Once Dr. Gary graduated from the School of Dentistry at UCSF, he and his wife Marilyn returned to Fresno to open a new dental practice and raise a family. Over the years the practice grew as appreciative patients told their families and friends about the committed quality care they received. The Forester family grew as well and eventually the oldest two sons, Jimmy and David, followed in their father’s footsteps and entered the dental profession. Jimmy specializes in pediatric dentistry and heads up a nonprofit pediatric clinic in Paso Robles. David joined his dad in family practice in 2006 and Forester Dental was born.

The office motto, 'Comprehensive Excellence Through the Generations' was created and adopted because it emphasizes the significance of legacy—in the doctors, in the staff and in the patients.

A measure of authenticity in any business can be seen in the legacy of the staff. Half of the team here has been involved with Forester Dental for a decade or more. This wealth of experience and knowledge combined with a zeal for extending the latest in techniques and technology, provides their patients the utmost in care and consideration. Collectively there is over 200 years of dental knowledge and service represented in this office.

Another aspect of the legacy is recognized as today there are many extended families and multiple generations involved in the practice. This is very important in a people-oriented practice like Forester Dental. The very first patient Dr. Gary saw in 1977 as a 12 year old, is now a grandmother, while her own grandmother still comes in for her dental care. Photographs throughout the office showcase this intergenerational appreciation.

We would like to invite you to become a part of our legacy and extended family. Welcome!!!


7525 N Cedar Ave #117

Fresno, CA 93720



Office Hours

Monday-Thursday: 8am - 5pm

Friday: 7am - 12pm


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